For the Love of Cake

For the Love of Cake approached Orchestra because they needed social media support: their business was growing by leaps and bounds, but their online presence wasn’t.

A Sampler

In-house video that highlighted For the Love of Cake’s sense of humour and affection for sprinkles.
For the Love of Cake
Product-specific ads leveraged the brand’s personality and the quality of their goods.
In-house video produced for Mother’s Day that highlighted the brand’s sense of humour.
For the Love of Cake
In-store photography, shot by Orchestra, that was used for brand marketing.
Social content produced for National High Five Day.

The Solution

  • Developed a new social media content plan from the ground up.
  • Launched a social media ad campaign.
  • Measured and managed For the Love of Cake’s social media accounts.
  • Developed a Mother’s Day-specific campaign.
  • Produced high-quality photography and video content for For the Love of Cake’s social feeds.

The Results

  • Increased social media following by 75% within first 3 months.
  • Nearly 3,000 Mother’s Day campaign views.
  • Over 275,000 campaign impressions.


Campaign Impressions


Increase in Social Media Following


Mother's Day Campaign Views